Holy Cross Cathedral Orléans originates from a first building constructed in the fourth century, in a place that has not been located precisely, then a second in the seventh, already dedicated to the Holy Cross and implemented on the current scene, but was destroyed by fire in 989.. St. Louis Cathedral, located in the historic French Quarter, is the oldest continuously active Roman Catholic Cathedral in the United States. Originally built in the 13th century, it underwent tinkering by successive monarchs after being partly destroyed by Protestants in 1568. New Orleans is the best city to visit for fun, parties, events and culture. A portion of a once huge 8th-century CE circular floor mosaic can still be seen today in the cathedral’s crypt. This post will provide details about planning a trip to this location, attending mass, taking a tour, and seeing all of the attractions you will find nearby. The Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France is the oldest Catholic cathedral in continual use in the United States. The stained glass windows at Orléans Cathedral depict the story of Joan of Arc who attended evening Mass in this cathedral on May 2, 1429 while in the city to lift the siege. Henry IV, king of France from 1589–1610, gave funds for its reconstruction, and it was faithfully rebuilt (17th–19th century) in Gothic style. It was originally built in 1724 and rebuilt twice after a hurricane and a fire. Built from the 13C to the early 16C, the cathedral was partly destroyed in 1586 by the Protestants. Built in the Gothic architectural style from 1278 to 1329 and partially destroyed in 1568, the cathedral … Visiting St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. Visit the Cathedral of Sainte-Croix in Orleans It is the western facade that is the most interesting feature of the cathedral, with its ornate stonework, 88 metre high towers and three rose windows. Splendid early 18C woodwork adorns the chancel. Truly, this is the heart of old New Orleans. The highest point of the cathedral, the belltower, reaches a height of 114 metres and contains five bells varying in weight from 600 kg to 6000 kg. The present church overlooks beautiful Jackson Square and was dedicated in 1794. In the 5th century CE, a basilica replaced the older church, and it proved to be a useful place of refuge during the attacks in the region by Attila the Hun in 451 CE when Orleans was besieged. There is a lovely three-porch façade with rose windows and four giant statues of the evangelists. See a Saints game at the Superdome, a Mardi Gras parade in the French Quarter or a Jazz Fest concert! In a country of jaw-dropping churches, Gothic-style Cathédrale Ste-Croix still raises a gasp. As the caretakers of the Historic place of worship, we constantly battle the elements and the aging of the Cathedral … La construction de la prochaine version de la cathédrale d'Orléans a commencé en 1278 et finalement achevé en 1512. The 18th-century towers were damaged in World War… There is a lot to see and do both in and around the St. Louis Cathedral. Oak Alley Plantation and 3-Hour New Orleans City Tour (From $106.00) New Orleans Sightseeing City Tour (From $26.80) French Quarter Historical Sights and Stories Walking Tour (From $26.67) 8-in-1 Combo Haunted Walking Tour in New Orleans (From $27.00) See all St. Louis Cathedral experiences on Tripadvisor In recognition of the town's support, King Henri IV undertook its reconstruction in a composite Gothic style. Other articles where Sainte-Croix Cathedral is discussed: Orléans: History: The Sainte-Croix Cathedral, begun in the 13th century, was largely destroyed by the Protestants in 1568.