This year was seen as an improvement over the previous year, and a return to the level of the first season, with many talented students. The winner of Star Academy 6 made history by being the first contestant from a country that already had a student win from it. ‎جميع صور وفيديوهات واخبار Ihab Amir حصريا على صفحتنا ندعمه للحصول على اللقب‎ 12. (Tie) (Tie) [11], Major controversy began when it came time to vote off that week's losing contestant. Hilda Khalife is a Lebanese TV presenter born on August 9, 1973. . They then went on a Pan Arab tour, performing concerts in Dubai, Kuwait, Cairo, Alexandria, Amman, Damascus, and Beirut. (Tie) Lilia Ben Chikha - Star Academy 2: Hisham (KSA) – 4 nominations (Tie) Star Academy 5: Mohamed Qwidar (Jordan) : 73.91% Joseph Attieh, who is a radio and TV production student received a trophy, $50,000 in cash and a brand new 2006 car. - Star Academy 8: Layan Bazlamit (Palestine)- 3 wins. .Mohammad Abbass (Egypt), Semi-Finalist Contestants: Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 13. Marwan has since performed many concerts and performed in important music festivals. Seasons 1 | Episodes 16 | A reality talent show that brings together candidates from the Arab World who compete to win the title of Star. Nader is also the first winner to be a nominee without being saved by the public, as he had received a low percentage of votes. ^Note 8.2 : As there was a tie, Ahmad had the casting vote and he saved Husam. Star Academy 11: Raphael Jabbour (Lebanon): 70.76%, Contestants that left from first nomination: Haitham (Saudi Arabia) Sport Star Academy (SSA) is Australia’s leading provider of skill based sports programs for children. La chaîne NRJ 12 rachète les droits de l'émission pour … -Star Academy 7: Star Academy est une émission de télévision française de télé réalité musicale diffusée sur TF1 du 20 octobre 2001 au 19 décembre 2008 puis sur NRJ 12 sous le nom Star Academy Revolution à partir du 6 décembre 2012, jusqu'au 28 février 2013.La présentation est assurée par Nikos Aliagas sur TF1, puis par Matthieu Delormeau et Tonya Kinzinger sur NRJ 12. - Star Academy 7: Tahra (Morocco)- 7 nominations; More than any contestant in Star Academy history. Using built-in locator tests, TABE 11/12 Academy quickly identifies the exact skills students need to master to accelerate gains through TABE 11/12 levels E, … His victory was somewhat controversial, as Nader Guirat was the first winner of the program to sing primarily in non-Arabic languages (English, French, etc.). (Tie) (Tie) In 2011, most Star Academy series outside of Africa and the Middle East were phased out in favor of another musical competition format from Endemol, The Voice . Rafayel Jabour - Star Academy 11. The four classes are those listed below: Jaber (Bahrain) [11] Per contest rules, the public votes to save one contestant, and the remaining two are voted for by the other non nominated contestants. . [10] The show resumed on Friday, 25 February with an episode that critics deemed "The Patriotic Night" during which the contestants, along with Arab celebrities and contestants from past seasons came together and sung a number of patriotic songs in solidarity with the mourning nation. .Carlo Nakhla (Lebanon). [5], Many individuals have also spoken out against the show, citing religious reasoning as well. .Joseph Atteya (Lebanon); Winner. - Star Academy 2: Amani Swaisi (Tunisia) - Star Academy 5:Mirhan Hussien (Egypt)- 2 wins. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. (Tie), Highest percentage of public votes ever achieved by each season: - Star Academy 8: Mohamed Daqdouq (Syria) – 2 wins. Rita (Lebanon) Ramy (Lebanon) . Jack (Lebanon) -Star Academy 5: Shahinaz (Egypt) ^Note 5.3 : He withdrew from the academy in the semifinals week due to several fights with Mohamad qwidaer which made him take the decision to leave the academy. .Amani Swisy (Tunisia). Youssef (Syria) He was 19 years old and the first Lebanese to win the Title. . Star Academy 10: Ibtissam Tiskat (Morocco): 75.84% In a parallel world, Super Star Academy ranks people based on one's horoscope sign. .Mohammad Chahine (Egypt); Fourth Winner from Egypt H.A.R.-09/01/2016 0. Despite her modeling career, Khalife's fame started in 2004 when she began hosting the first season of the pan-Arab televised talent show Star Academy on LBCI. 6. The headmaster of Four Star is Hikaru Moroboshi. All Rights Reserved. However, the most successful was Ahmed El Sherif (Tunisia), despite coming in the 5th place. Duration 02:30. (Tie) . Mohamed Raf. 1 personas están hablando de esto. A place for fans of Star Academy to view, download, share, and discuss their favorite images, icons, photos and wallpapers. - Star Academy 11: Mohammed Abass (Egypt) The eight finalists were Mohammad Attia (Egypt), Bashar Al Shatty (Kuwait), Sophia El Mareekh (Morocco), Bahaa' El Kafy (Tunisia), Ahmed El Sherif (Tunisia), Myriam Attallah (Syria), Mohammad Khalawi (Saudi Arabia) and Cynthia Karam (Lebanon). The two remaining candidates are then voted on by their fellow candidates, and the one with the most votes remains. 4,8 K J’aime. Star Academy 11 began in October 2015 and ended in January 2016 with the crowning of this season's winner Marwan Youssef from Lebanon. - Star Academy 6: Bassma (Morocco) – 3 wins. Randa (Egypt) - Star Academy 4: Ali Al-Saad (KSA)- 4 wins. - Star Academy 8: Sarah Farah (Syria) Rafayel From Liban Star academy 11 . - Star Academy 11: Hanane El Khader (Morocco) – 3 wins . 15. Our philosophy is that “champions are made, not born” and we see the potential in every child. We constantly develop new courses to suit industry requirements and market needs. (Tie) Star Academy 2: Hisham Abdulrahman (KSA): 85.04% #LBCINews, إنتشال زورق سياحي غرق في منتجع سياحي في زوق مصبح This also had a few note worthy and historical things to mention for example, Ihab Amir made history as the first male Moroccan contestant since the first season and being the second male Moroccan contestant after Amine Errachidi in the first season. ^Note 3.1 : As there was a tie, Mohammad Ibrahim had the casting vote and he saved Mohamed Dossary (Tie) - Star Academy 10: Mohammed Shahin (Egypt) She is one of the most successful TV presenters in the Arab world. You are now reading Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (1996) #11 online. [3], The show proved to be immensely popular. Hisham, Amani, Zizi, Ahmad H, Bashar G, Katia, Samer, and Salma (once again, the Top 8) were chosen to be part of the tour. . (Tie) .Ghada Jreidi (Tunisia) 19. 1. 4 talking about this. Marwa (Egypt) Star Leadership Academy, Radcliffe will be a 5-form entry, 750 place, 11-16 secondary school. Efram (Lebanon) .Nader Guirat (Tunisia); Winner. . Mostafa (Lebanon) (Tie), Contestants who won the title without any nominations: Star Academy 1: Bashar Shatti (Kuwait): 78.20% Star Academy is in essence a singing competition, where the lowest vote-receiver each week must leave the show, ending finally when only one person remains. - Star Academy 5: Amal el Ma7lawy (Tunisia)- 3 wins. - Star Academy 1: Sophia (Morocco) – 4 nominations (Tie) Joseph, Hani, Hanaa, Chayma, Fady, Khalifa, Maya, Rakiya and Wajdi were chosen to be part of the tour. - Star Academy 4: Mohamed Kammah (Egypt) – 2 wins. - Star Academy 4: Marwa Bin Sughaiyer (Tunisia) -Star Academy 4: . Open to SUSD staff on the following dates: February 4th, 11th, 18th 11:00 am to 4:30 pm Sunnyside High School, East Gym No appointment necessary Open to community members (SUSD students also welcomed) on the following dates: February 5th & February 19th 11:00 am to 6:00 pm Sunnyside High School, East Gym No appointment necessary Parking will be available in the front administration … Chantal Jejae From Liban star academy 11 - Star Academy 9: Lilia Ben Chikha (Tunisia) – 2 wins. Oumayma (Tunisia) His album has been the most successful among all student from Star Academy thus far, and has also dwarfed the albums of any of the contestants from rival show SuperStar on Future TV. Nisrine (Lebanon) . - Star Academy 5:Dia'a Taybi (Morocco)- 3 wins. . 447 J’aime. (Jordan) - Star Academy 6: Lara Scandar (Egypt)- 3 wins. Nesma Alaa Ali Mahgoub, a 20-year-old student from Egypt, was the winner this year. Video of CBC Star Academy 11 Prime 10. . - Star Academy 9: Abdallah Abd Al Aziz (Saudi Arabia) – 2 wins. .Hisham Abdulrahman (KSA); Winner. [8], A major liberal voice hailed from within the royal family when Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal, a major stakeholder in LBC, supported Star Academy by sending his private plane to Beirut to bring the winner back to Saudi Arabia. |Hanane 63.23% Dena 22.16% Chantal 14.60 Le 19 décembre 2008 l'émission s'arrête définitivement sur TF11. In Saudi Arabia in particular, Star Academy was a media event so popular that its broadcasts achieved record ratings, emptied streets in major cities like Jedda, animated debates, inspired Mosque sermons, and widely distracted students from focusing on final exams in May 2004. -Star Academy 10: Marita (Lebanon) Tong Academy is committed to positive progress through successful collaboration. .Bashar Shatii (Kuwait). (Tie) The three nominated candidates' initial voting is through the public, done by either phone calls or text messages. Another female journalist writing for Arab news asked "how vulnerable must we be if a TV program can ‘destroy our moral standards and teach our children bad things." Mahmoud Mohey (Winner). [8], On 14 February 2005, Rula Sa'd, the Director of Marketing and Promotions at the LBC acted in her role as "Director of the Academy" to announce to the contestants that Rafiq al-Hariri had been assassinated and that Lebanon was in mourning. RAMADAN2019. Zaki Chreif Another change was the increase in the number of students, from 19 in the previous season to now 20. The show became an instant success and an everyday much-watched event across the Arab world. Contestants that eventually signed with Rotana: Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation International, "Reality Television, Gender, and Authenticity in Saudi Arabia",, Television articles with incorrect naming style, Reality television articles with incorrect naming style, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Star Academy 1, Star Academy 8, Star Academy 9, Star Academy 10, Star Academy 1 (2003–2004): Mohamed Attieh, Music Instructor: Michel Fadel/ Amir Theyma, Fitness Instructor: George Assaf ( change annually ), Mohammad Attia (Winner; released one album), Bahaa' El Kafy (3rd place; released one album), Mohammad Khalawi (4th place; released one album), Ahmed El Sherif (5th place; released two albums), Cynthia Karam (7th place; no albums released), Myriam Attallah (8th place; no albums released), Star Academy 1: 5th place: Ahmad Al Sharief, Star Academy 1: 2nd place: Bashar Al Shatti, Star Academy 2: Winner: Hisham Abdulrahman, Star Academy 2: 5th place: Bashar Ghazawi, Star Academy 5: 5th place: Abdullah Al-Dosery, Star Academy 5: 15th place: Khalid Bu Sakher, This page was last edited on 7 January 2021, at 08:13. -Star Academy 5: - Star Academy 2: Ahmed S (Bahrain) – 4 nominations (Tie) (Tie) Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 12. |soukaina 26.95% Faten 7.62% Hanane 65.43% (Al-Humaydan, 2005) CBC And LBCI, the networks airing the show, reaped huge profits from the show but have been unable to replicate the show's success with other reality shows.[2]. ‎جميع صور وفيديوهات واخبار Ihab Amir حصريا على صفحتنا ندعمه للحصول على اللقب‎ - Star Academy 8: Gilbert Simon (Lebanon) – 2 wins. Baha2 (Tunisia) [2], The concept of the show is training the students in several disciplines: singing, acting, sports, vocalizing, theatre expression, dancing, and musical culture. Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (1996) #11 Release Information: Star Trek: Starfleet Academy (1996) #11 is released! -Star Academy 1: |Faten 6.25%% Yousef 35.08% Rapheal 58.67% [6] In a column entitled "Star Academy’s Democracy" a female Saudi journalist wrote that "Arabs sheid away from voting because …[of fraud]… until satellite television… corrupted us by inciting us to vote: "vote you are the referee"…"nominate your favorite candidate"…the Arab viewer has become obsessed with voting because results resemble election results in the United States, where unlike Arab elected, no body wins by 99.9 percent but rather by logical proportions." . He is also the winner with the most nominations in the show's history, with a record 4 nominations. Rafayel From Liban Star academy 11 .Marwan Youssef (Lebanon); Second Winner From Lebanon Jean Chahid Nassif, Rahma, Mohamed R, Ramy, Badria, Sultan, Asma, Tahra, Mahmoud, Zeina, Abdulaziz, Miral and Rayan were chosen to be part of the tour, but following the shocking and unexpected death of Ramy, the tour was cancelled. .Heidi Moussa (Egypt) Nader, Mohamad, Saad, Shahinaz, Mirhan, Diaa and Amel B were chosen to be part of the tour. The nomination is done by the teaching staff after the candidates undergo an evaluation test the day before Sunday. .Ahmed Ezzat (Egypt); At this point, it's completely up to the public to vote who is in and who is out, as the remaining candidates do not vote. .Bassma Bousail (Morocco). H.A.R.-23/01/2016 0. -Star Academy 3: Chayma Hilali (Tunis) & Fady Andraos (Palestine) The inaugural show quickly became popular and tickets for the show became harder to get as the show went on. Price of gasoline to soar in case of end of fuel subsidy, New Libya interim government agreed in UN talks, Norwegian police arrest Syrian, 16, suspected of preparing attack, Understanding COVID-19 origins will take years, says WHO team member, اليكم تقرير مستشفى رفيق الحريري حول آخر مستجدات كورونا... مسلسل ستار اكاديمي - 11 - البرايم 1 مشاهدة مباشرة بجودة عالية hd 0 Followers, 26 Following, 273 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @staracademy_11 Star Academy 11 Dailies- Episode 20 / يوميات ستار اكاديمي 11- الحلقة 20. - Star Academy 8: Ahmed Ezzat (Egypt) – 5 nominations (Tie) A TV2 Star Academy című műsorának oldala. Chantal Jaejae - Star Academy 11. The show features a group of young male and female candidates who are selected from a pan-Arab pool of more than three-thousand and are sequestered for four months in "The Academy," a four-story building in Lebanon, where they live, train, and compete against one another every week. .Han'a Idrissy (Morocco). Lebanon announced on Wednesday that its vaccination, Lebanon’s ministers are deliberating the possible, U.N. sponsored talks produced a new interim government for Libya on Friday, Sad Moments in Life: When kicked out with her family from her house, by her father, Sad Moments in Life: When an ex Star Academy student and friend passed away, Sad Moments in Life: When his mom was diagnosed with cancer, Sad Moments in Life: saying goodbye to his father, Sad Moments in Life: When she sang over the dead body of a friend, Sad Moments in Life: Seperation from girlfriend, Sad Moments in Life: A friend traveled to Italy, Sad Moments in Life: Death of a grandmother, Favorite Artist: Oum Kolthoum, Asala, Wadih Safi, Sad Moments in Life: Stabbing in the back of some friends, Sad Moments in Life: Illness of her brother. -Star Academy 6: Lara Skandar (Egypt) -Star Academy 3: The students, particularly the Top 8, became household names, and those that made the Top 8 became instant stars. She is the second Egyptian to win in the show, after Mohamed Atieh, the second female contestant to win, after Shada Hassoun, and also the second candidate to win in the Arab show by singing mostly the western genre, after Nader Guirat. Star Academy Arabia 11 Prime 11. -Star Academy 8: Also being crowned as the most successful teenage singer in the Persian Gulf region was added to his success of being the Star Academy finalist. Four Star Academy (四ツ星学園, Yotsuboshi Gakuen) is a prestigious school dedicated to training idols. [1], The show centers around the 16 candidates who compete in weekly talent competitions, singing, dancing, and acting during on-stage performances. Star Leadership Academy, Radcliffe will be a 5-form entry, 750 place, 11-16 secondary school. Jihan (Morocco) .Marwa Bin Sughaiyer (Tunisia). - Star Academy 9: Nour Farawati (Syria)- 3 wins. During the prime show, the candidates perform and sing either by themselves or with guest artists. - Star Academy 7: Mohamed Ramadan (Jordan) She is married to hotel owner Marc Moudabber and is the mother of a son named Sean and a daughter named Sienna. -Star Academy 6: (Tie) -Star Academy 11: Hanane El Khader (Morocco), Contestants who have won Top 1 the most in each season:

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